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Civil Process/Warrant

Please note: We will not service Department of Corrections inmates or employees without the information sheet (D.O.C. face sheet which includes photo and D.O.C. number) on that inmate, it must be sent to use with the process papers, and if you are an employee you will need to send your shift information, if not enough information is provided it will be returned.

The Sheriff’s Office has a statutory requirement to process and execute civil papers. The Civil Division receives, records, and ensures that civil papers are properly and legally served upon the intended recipients. The service of civil papers is duly documented as required. These papers include:

  • summons, complaints and subpoenas
  • writs of Possession
  • writs of Garnishment
  • writs of Replevin
  • injunctions for protection

These documents originate from the courts, governmental agencies, private attorneys and individuals.

Fees for service are fixed by Florida Statue 30.231 and are non-refundable.