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Emergency Management

Jefferson County Emergency Management plans for and responds to both natural and man-made disasters and emergencies in our community. This can be anything from flooding and hurricanes to incidents involving hazardous materials that present a threat to the lives and property of our citizens. Emergency Management prepares for and implements a comprehensive emergency management plan for the prevention, mitigation and management of disasters. Emergency Management also utilizes a team of trained volunteers known as the Community Emergency Response Team or CERT. The CERT volunteers work alongside Emergency Management within the community assisting during disasters and emergencies. Emergency Management is the county’s liaison with local, state and federal agencies to provide a coordinated and comprehensive approach to keeping Jefferson County prepared and informed.

Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS)

Jefferson County recently began a new planning effort to develop a comprehensive Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS). The purpose of this plan is to develop proposals for new projects or programs to eliminate or minimize the vulnerabilities of the communities of Jefferson County to the impacts of future natural, technological, and man-made disasters. Planning and emergency management officials are hoping that members of the community, including business interests throughout the area, will share their experiences and perspective on the impacts of past disasters, as well as how the communities of Jefferson County are vulnerable to future disasters.

Click Here for the Local Mitigation Strategy

Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan ( CEMP):

Jefferson County is vulnerable to a variety of hazards that threaten our population, businesses and the environment. The CEMP enables the Jefferson County Board of County Commissioners to discharge their responsibility for providing direction and control during any large-scale disaster. The plan is divided into sections to cover introduction, situation, concept of operations, preparedness activities, financial management, references and authorities and finally direction and control.

Click Here for Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan

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