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Law Enforcement Division


The Jefferson County Sheriffs Office Patrol Division is comprised of Deputies who work diligently to provide 24/7 service to our County. The fundamental goal of our deputies is to serve and protect Jefferson County. Deputies are first responders who answer calls for service on anything from traffic concerns, animal welfare to business checks and many calls in between.
Jefferson County Sheriffs Office focuses on crime prevention through active patrols, traffic enforcement and community outreach. Jefferson County Sheriffs Office offers the Building Check Program and the Agriculture Watch Program. The Jefferson County Sheriffs Office is committed to providing a safe community for our citizens.

School Resource Officers

The Jefferson County Sheriffs Office School Resource Officer Division consists of specially trained Deputies who are assigned to the schools in the county. These Deputies are liaisons between the Sheriffs Office and the schools. The School Resource Officers not only protect our schools but also strives to help foster a positive relationship with the students, parents and faculty at the school.


The Jefferson County Sheriffs Office Criminal Investigations Division is a group of highly trained Detectives who are dedicated to investigating crimes against persons and property. These crimes include burglary, fraud, abuse and many more.

The Jefferson County Sheriffs Office Drug Task Force Division focuses on being proactive in combating illegal narcotics in our community. These Detectives know the effects drug abuse has on neighborhoods and they work along with other agencies to keep Jefferson County safe.
The Jefferson County Sheriffs Office Evidence Custodian works with our Patrol and Investigative Divisions to ensure all evidence is collected, packaged and submitted correctly for processing. The Evidence Custodian is not only pivotal in solving cases but in the prosecution of cases as well. The Evidence Custodian also, makes sure all evidence or impounded property is either transferred to an outside laboratory or returned to the rightful owner.


The responsibility of the Jefferson County Sheriffs Office Sworn Civil Division is to effect the service and or enforcement of all judicial summons and subpoenas, such as divorce papers, evictions and child support documents originating from the courts. The Civil Division is also responsible for courthouse security and other necessary Bailiff Duties.