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Court Services

As executive officer of the Court, it is the Sheriff’s duty to carry out all the lawful orders of the Court as well as other duties as required by law. Among those duties, the Sheriff is required to attend either in person or by deputy all terms of the Circuit Court and County Court, and serve and execute “process” of the Supreme Court, the Circuit Court, the County Court, and the Board of County Commissioners. It is the Court Services Division that carries out these legally mandated services. Court Security Deputies are responsible for the physical protection of judges, court personnel, attorneys, witnesses, juries and citizens who have business within the Jefferson County Courthouse. Deputies are assigned to work with a specific judge and are responsible for opening court and managing the courtroom.

Please Remember:
There are no weapons permitted inside the courthouse, nor are they permitted in any County building. Such weapons include, but are not limited to, guns, knives, scissors, box cutters, razor blades, or any other type of sharp object that could be considered a weapon.