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How do I request records.

Records requests may be submitted by email to Records Custodian at:

[email protected]

How do I put money into an inmate’s account?

Friends & family may utilize the Kiosk located in the jail lobby 24 hours a day. The Kiosk accepts Cash, Credit or Debit cards. You will need the inmates Resident ID number. Please be aware that Money Orders are no longer accepted.

How do I determine the inmates ID number?

You can check the Media Intake Report by clicking the link below:


What is the mailing address of the Sheriff’s Office?
171 Industrial Park
Monticello, FL 32344

When can I see an inmate?
Inmate’s visitation times are set according to the cell area in which they are being housed. The Correctional Officer on duty will be able to provide this information once the inmate has been classified and placed in their assigned cell area.

Can I call an inmate?
No. Inmates can call you provided that you are not the victim of the crime they are accused of. Inmates have access to phones from 8am to 10pm on a daily basis. Phone access is provided by Paytel. You may contact Paytel at 1-800-729-8355 for phone rates and to setup billing options.

Can I give or drop off items for inmates?
No. We do not accept property for inmates.